Klibe Assetmanagement software (current version 2.1.16)
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No practical limit to the number of datasets that can be created

Capable of handling a large* number of assets within a single dataset. Amount of supporting information linked as associated files is virtually unlimited.

Within each dataset, fully customisable lists for:
- Asset source - supplier or vendor name, auction
- Asset storage location
- Supplemental notes
- Associated files
- Asset image/photo when in catalogue listing mode

Each dataset has a unique user settings record

Screen forms scale to suit any screen size from netbook size 800x600 upwards
Search functions are fast and easy to use
Two methods for new asset data entry - quick and easy additions (add detail later), or complete detailed additions

Duplicate a dataset or create a new, blank dataset in a few simple steps

Use any of over 30 pre-formatted reports to produce printed or pdf records of a single asset, some assets or all assets.

With two clicks, see key statistics about contents of a dataset - number of assets, total current value, etc

All printable reports auto-scale to fit A4 or 8-1/2 x 11

Adjust individual current asset value for changes in exchange rates, singly, or in larger blocks
Change storage location record(s) easily, if user relocates asset(s) from one location to another

Import basic asset information from external sources using simple textfile method, with no specialist programming skills needed.

Keep track of instruction manuals and user guides (in paper form or pdf files) for all assets.

Use Klibe in catalogue mode, allowing production of a fast access, electronic catalogue of any size, with virtually unlimited amount of supporting information possible, and auto-viewing of a small image of each asset, if an image file is present. Double-click on the small image to see the file full size from within Klibe.

For users who have SQL capability and experience, Klibe includes an SQL Tool for a wide range of SQL commands.

*Practical asset limit is around 25,000 per dataset.