Klibe Assetmanagement software (current version 2.1.16)
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Klibe operates under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (1-Jan-16: + Windows 8 and 10). It is compliant with the Microsoft® User Access Control philosophy.

Klibe uses the open source, and widely-used, SQLite3 database engine. Although due to database integrity constraints Klibe data must be entered or edited using the Klibe software, any Klibe dataset can be viewed or used as a data source using other SQLite3 based browsers or similar tools.

You can even view your Klibe dataset on an Apple iPhone®, iPad® or iTouch®, or on an Android® device, using a suitable SQLite3 browser application.

A user with SQL skills can perform additional tasks within Klibe using the included Klibe SQL Tool.

The dataset tables within Klibe have strict referential integrity built in.

Because the SQLite3 database engine runs only when Klibe is in use, backup of Klibe datasets is as easy as backing up any other user data file.

Klibe includes over 30 embedded report designs.

Klibe is available only in English at this stage.