Lucas DR3 wiper motor
- Wheel rotational direction affects the rack position

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Remember that all models of the XK150, the two wiper arms operate in parallel, the wiper motor is on the RH side of the car, and the wiper rack passes over the top of the two wheel boxes.

Here is a diagram that shows the effect of the ingenious Lucas mechanical design that enables many variants of a DR3 wiper motor to be made available, while having to change only the wheel to adjust the sweep angle, and the armature wiring connections to cope with the desired wiper arm parking position for a particular car.

I will not try to explain the mechanics of the eccentric cam hardware on the wheel's connecting link "big end". Somewhere on the internet I read a tip that said something along the lines of "Don't dismantle the cam, because you'll never be able to put it back together correctly." As I did not need to dismantle the cam, I didn't touch it!

To convert a DR3 wiper motor from LHD to RHD, or vice versa, the circuit diagram page will help.