XK150 rear springs
- Drawing and details of new rear springs

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While attending the Jaguar National Rally in Melbourne in 2014, it became clear by comparison with other XK150s that my car's rear suspension was tired, and the rear elliptical springs needed to be reset or replaced. Later measurements on level surface showed the right hand side was 45mm low, and the left side 35mm low.

After conferring with several owners, the consensus was that reset elliptical springs soon relax and there is no lasting benefit. So I decided to purchase a new pair of springs from the UK. The springs were fitted mid-2014. The new springs lifted the rear end by at least 35mm, perhaps 40mm, and the body was level left to right (after  minor adjustment of the front torsion bars).

Prior to my purchase of new springs, I could not find any data online about the XK150 rear springs' unloaded shape when new. I decided I would trace the outline of a new spring onto a long piece of drawing paper, and record all the measurements so that other XK150 owners would be able to compare a used spring with a new one. I then scanned the end result, and added the dimensions etc to the drawing.

The springs that were supplied do not have any nylon inter-leaving.

The Jaguar part for early XK150s (no inter-leaving) is: C.13006

The part for later XK150s (with inter-leaving) is: C.14476

The part number for XK140s is different, so I presume the drawing is not applicable to XK140s.  


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