XK150 front stub axle removal
- Tool to remove the stub axle

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While replacing the wheel bearings and the hub felt grease seal of each front wheel, I discovered that the left stub axle was worn at the landing area of the inner cone. I ordered a new stub axle, and was then confronted with the task of removing the existing stub axle. Not easy ...

The photo shows the tool I made using a piece of 10mm thick structural steel plate. The tool enables the stub axle of any XK model to be removed without fully dismantling the front suspension and without having to take the axle carrier to a workshop to have the stub axle pressed out.



After removing the wheel hub etc to expose the bare stub axle ...

A Brake hose: Disconnect caliper brake pipe, release wheel end of hose from axle carrier bracket, stop fluid flow, tie off hose out of the way.

B Steering tie rod ball joint: Disconnect from steering arm and tie off tie rod out of the way.

C Remove split pins from four 7/16” bolts that hold the steering arm and disc caliper mount (or drum back plate) to the axle carrier. Undo four nuts and remove four bolts and caliper mount/drum backplate (Note: It might be easier to do this step C after step F.)

D Top ball joint 7/16” clamp bolts: Unbend locking tabs, loosen the two clamp bolts, remove shims (noting which shims are used where).

E Loop an adjustable 25mm cam-lock strap around the stub axle and then loop the strap through the wing support bracket. Tighten the strap ready to take the weight of axle carrier and stub axle after the next step.

F Remove the two 7/16” clamp bolts from the top ball joint and then allow axle carrier to flop outwards, re-insert one 7/16” bolt through the inner hole of the ball joint and the outer hole of both wishbone levers. Fit and gently tighten the nut.

G Remove split pin from stub axle 3/4” UNF threaded section, then loosen the 3/4” nut.

H Remove the 3/4” nut from the stub axle.

I Offer up the stub axle removal plate against the 3/4” threaded section of the stub axle, and then insert four new 7/16” UNF x 3-1/2” Grade 8 bolts (thread greased) through the axle carrier and then the tool plate, and then fit high strength (not mild steel) washers and 7/16” UNF nuts, ensuring the tool plate is kept at right angles to the stub axle axis.

J Place a heavy towel or similar cloth on/around the stub axle.

K While keeping hands, eyes, body away from the stub axle axis, evenly and progressively tighten each of the four 7/16” nuts sequentially. Be patient, and tighten each nut by only a small amount each time. Eventually the bond between the stub axle and the tapered hole in the axle carrier should break. Time is your friend here, and the bond may suddenly be broken in an interval between tightening one nut and tightening the next nut.

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