XK150 rear axle rebuild
- The problem, and the solution

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In 2018, I became sick of the whine from the rear axle. It may be that the whine, which occurred when accelerating and under steady power at virtually any speed, had become worse over my five years of ownership of the car.

As well ...

A check of the half-shaft end play showed that the end play was excessive. Draining the diff oil showed that the oil was full of fine steel particles, and some tiny steel flakes. Time for a full rebuild.

Expert advice from one Jaguar workshop owner ...

Once a diff whines, it will always whine. Maybe not in every case, but I concluded that given all the work involved in removing, rebuilding and refitting the rear axle, I would fit a new crown wheel and pinion.

The problem ...

It is very difficult to find a new 4.09 crown wheel and pinion (CWP aka ring gear and pinion) that is an exact replica of the Jaguar CWP used in the Salisbury 4HA. Some Jaguar classic parts suppliers advise that the part is no longer available. Others advise that the part can be made only to order.

One supplier can supply a made-to-order replica of the Jaguar part. The quoted price ex-tax and shipping is (2018) ~GBP1380+.

Another supplier* can provide the part but the part is not a replica. A special pinion flange must be used, along with other parts to accommodate differences from the original.

The solution ...
A Dana 44 4.09 crown wheel and pinion

It turns out that the CWP fitted to some Jeep models for decades will also fit the Salisbury 4HA rear axle.

Read here about the Salisbury company, its history, and its parent Dana Corporation.

Sourcing a Dana 44 CWP

There are numerous US suppliers that stock the standard Dana 44 4.09 crown wheel and pinion set. Check out ebay!

Most Dana 44 CWPs are replicas, not Dana-made originals. Presumably Dana still makes and supplies Dana 44 CWPs, but the CWP I purchased was undoubtedly made in China. Cost delivered to Sydney was AUD285, delivery time - one week.

Make sure you buy the CWP for the rear axle. The Dana 44 CWP is also available for the front axle of various Jeep models.

More detail about my rear axle rebuild is here.

* I presume that this Jaguar classic parts supplier is selling Chinese-made CWPs with the 26 spline pinion, and adding ~100% markup to the price I paid to my US Jeep parts supplier.

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