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How many people consider Salisbury to be an English rear axle manufacturing company?

Not sure of the answer to that question, but Salisbury was never an English company.

Salisbury was a US company founded in 1901. In 1919, Salisbury Axle was acquired by another US company Spicer Manufacturing Company. Spicer Manufacturing is now known as Dana Corporation.

So when the Salisbury rear axles were fitted to all Jaguars after WW2, some from 1948, and all Jaguar cars from 1951 to 1960, the axles were the product of what we now know as Dana Corporation. 

The Dana 44 differential was first produced in USA in 1943, and fitted to wartime Jeeps. The use in new Jeeps of the Dana 44 diff has continued for decades.

A new Dana 44 CWP can be used in a Salisbury 4HA rear axle as long as the two differences are taken into account:

1. The spline on a current day Dana 44 pinion has 26 splines, and requires a different pinion flange (Dana 2-1-1181X) which is 14mm longer than the "Jaguar" 10 spline pinion flange. The extra length of the flange means that the tailshaft of the Jaguar car almost certainly must be shortened by 14mm.

2. The Dana 44 crown wheel has ten 3/8" UNF tapped holes, rather than the ten 7/16" UNF tapped holes in the Jaguar original. The PCD of the ten holes is identical. To account for this bolt size difference, ten steel sleeves must be made to fill the annular gap between the 3/8" bolts (Dana 41221) and the 7/16" clearance holes in the diff carrier.

E-Type and Dana diff

The CWP fitted to the (early) E-Types from 1960 was a Dana 44 product, but modified by Dana to use the Jaguar standard of a 10 spline pinion and ten 7/16" tapped holes in the crown wheel.

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